July 11, 2018

Fun in the Fort: All In Adventures

I’m a firm believer that if you don’t get out and see the world, you are living a life half lived. Not just because you miss out on the wonders of the world, but you miss out on experiencing life outside of what you are accustomed to living. That all being said – sometimes you just have to get out and check out some local flavor too. I recently got an opportunity to take my teens and some of their friends over to All in Adventures in Fort Wayne to try out an Escape Room. The kids have participated in […]
May 11, 2015

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

You may or may not be aware that Michigan is made up of two peninsulas – the Lower and the Upper. Both are surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes. I love the Lower Peninsula. From Detroit to Grand Rapids. From Lansing to Mackinaw City. There is something to see and do in every nook and cranny. But, oh my word. Unless you’ve been to the Upper Peninsula, you have no idea how much more beautiful it is. Lake Huron is great. Lake Michigan is beautiful. But Lake Superior… that is unlike any lake you’ve ever seen in your […]
April 7, 2015

Cincy isn’t so bad. But I still don’t love the Reds.

I know this thing I’m about to say makes me weird. I’m okay with that. I am a die-hard Pittsburgh Pirates fan. Have been since my first game. I know they except for the last two seasons they have been miserable. The last time they were good, I was in high school – and those were the days. They made it to the playoffs three times in a row, only to be denied first by the Cincinnati Reds and then twice by the Atlanta Braves. I hate them both. Or, rather, I still hate the Braves with all the fury […]