I help creatives move forward towards their goals, get clarity on their values, and make bolder moves in their life and business.


This is not the masterclass for you if like your stagnant, boring life.



Network, Brainstorm, Support, Feedback, Accountability, and most importantly, Inspiration (especially when you aren’t feeling inspired) – all the things you need, in one tight community.

The Just Boldly Go Project would like to cordially invite you to join our innovative community.

If you’re ready to learn how to implement tools you’ll actually use and you don’t want to keep putting it off — we’re ready for you!

Work with Me

Book a VIP Day

A plan designed especially for you, with actionable items + the support you need to actually hit your goals and achieve forward momentum.

The thing about having big goals is that sometimes, you get stuck in the minutiae and can’t figure out what your first step should even be.

And if you don’t have a solid support system in place, you might as well forget it.

That’s where I come in. I specialize in making a plan, identifying your next steps, and being there to support you when you start doubting yourself (because you will).

The following is the FULL VIP DAY schedule, and also includes a month of voxer support.

The MINI VIP DAY is half as long, and we will need to determine beforehand what area you want to focus on. Includes email support.

2 hours

Of assessment

We’ll talk about where you are, what you are doing, and where you feel stuck.

2 Hours

of Strategizing

We both get to work. Me on a plan, you on applicable homework to get you moving forward.

2 hours

Of Implementation

We will go over the plan, tweaking as needed to make it accessible and something you will actually do.

1 week later

You’ll get a road map with actionable items for you to follow and a plan that makes sense.

Mom vs Debt:

The Book

This is the story of how I paid off $64k in credit card debt in two years (without becoming a stripper.) But it’s also a study on what led me there, and why it was really the best thing that ever happened to me. 

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We love everyone.

All colors, all creeds, all sexual orientations, all gender identities – we love you all.

The Just Boldly Go Project stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and support the Black Community. #blacklivesmatter


in a confident and courageous way; showing a willingness to take risks.
in a way that is characterized by having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance.

Mom Vs Debt

Oh, hey, I wrote a book.

You can get a copy at MomVsDebt.com

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