"Not only is her expertise very evident, her delivery is truly engaging. Kat has the rare gift of speaking with assurance while simultaneously creating connection, making her a favorite with our attendees. In fact, I have already asked her to speak again at future conferences."

Julie Gordon White

SYMPOSIA Conference for Women Entrepreneurs

"If you want to light up a room, if you want someone to deliver energy and fresh insights, if you want people to talk about a subject long after your show, then ask Kat Gordon to be your Keynote Speaker. She rocked the Salesforce Design Leadership Conference. Thank you, Kat!"

Mike Mazza

"Articulate, informed and charismatic, she has not only passion for her subject matter, but data to support her positions. She can deliver a well-rehearsed and sophisticated case study, a lively guest perspective on a panel, a thoughtful one-on-one chat, or an extemporaneous riff on gender diversity, creativity, marketing and their impact on business. Hire Kat to speak and I guarantee she will bring the house down, in more ways than one."

Cathy Campbell

Creative Director 

"A majority rated the conference the highest score, and Kat was certainly a part of creating the energetic and passionate vibe in the room."

Cynthia Nimmo

Women's Funding Network