Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

You may or may not be aware that Michigan is made up of two peninsulas – the Lower and the Upper. Both are surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes.

I love the Lower Peninsula. From Detroit to Grand Rapids. From Lansing to Mackinaw City. There is something to see and do in every nook and cranny.

But, oh my word. Unless you’ve been to the Upper Peninsula, you have no idea how much more beautiful it is.

Lake Huron is great. Lake Michigan is beautiful. But Lake Superior… that is unlike any lake you’ve ever seen in your life.

In general, I prefer salt water to fresh. The Gulf and the Caribbean are just plain gorgeous…and the Pacific is indescribable. But Lake Superior surpasses them all.

The crystal clear turquoise blue water combined with the tumbled smooth rocks that are found on every beach…the shipwrecks on the beaches…the crazy rock formations…the giant sand dunes…seriously, you just have to see it to believe it.

And that’s just the lake.

The towns are adorable. The people are friendly. And there is tons to do and see.

Whitefish Point has a cool museum dedicated to shipwrecks. And if you are in neighborhood, Au Sable beach has a few that you can explore right on the beach. (Be careful when you climb around on them – I nearly broke my ankle once.)

You can comb the beaches for agates. It only took me six years to be able to find them 🙂 It’s not easy to find ones that look like this. Most are in disguise.

Tahquamenon Falls is smack in the middle of the UP, and looks like tea. It’s the tannin in the leaves that fall into the water. It’s quite lovely.

Oh, and ghost towns. They have ghost towns! Fayette State Park is gorgeous. The white cliffs of dolamite overlooking the long-dead forges of the former Pig Iron

I’m not going to sugar coat it – it’s a drive from just about anywhere to get there – but it’s so worth it. I have never loved anywhere as much as I love the UP – not even Ireland.