July 4, 2019

Bold Women of the Bible: The Proverbs 31 Woman

Unlike the other women I’ve highlighted – there isn’t much evidence that the woman talked about in Proverbs 31 is an actual person. She is an ideal. Which sounds super intimidating, and unattainable, but it’s not. She’s not a doormat. She’s not just there for her husband’s pleasure. She’s not just there to raise kids. She’s a beast. That’s what she is. Here’s the actual text: 10A wife of noble character who can find?     She is worth far more than rubies. 11 Her husband has full confidence in her     and lacks nothing of value. 12 She brings him good, not harm,     all the […]
June 28, 2019

Bold Women of the Bible: The Daughters of Zelophehad

If you’ve never heard of the The Daughters of Zelophehad, you are not alone. These obscure young ladies are mentioned in the Old Testament book of Numbers. If there is one book that’s harder to read than Deuteronomy (that’s all the laws for the Israelites), it’s Numbers. The whole book is about, well, numbers. But there are a few valuable bits for us in there too. First of all that name. Zelophehad. Pronounced zuh-loh-fe-had, in case such things interest you. So, we learn about the Daughters whilst a census is being taken. God had instructed Moses to figure out exactly […]
June 27, 2019

Bold Women of the Bible: Deborah

The book of Judges is one of my favorite books. I love the stories of Israel dancing back and forth. First realizing how much they need God because of some giant mess they’ve gotten themselves into…and then forsaking Him to try to do it on their own. Rinse. Repeat. It makes me feel better about myself. Because that’s exactly how I do it too. Since it was an entire nation of people, who lacked a cohesive leader like a king (this was by design – God was supposed to be their leader, but that proved a little too abstract for […]
June 26, 2019

Bold Women of the Bible: Esther

One of the interesting things about the story of Esther is that you will not find God mentioned anywhere in it. That doesn’t mean His hands aren’t all over it though. Let’s start from the beginning. Or actually, before the beginning of Esther’s story. The Babylonian Empire had destroyed Jerusalem and the temple. And when Babylonians conquered you, they started a process where large populations of their people would move in to your city, and you and your friends would be deported out to their cities. It broke up any chance of real rebellion. But then the Babylonians were defeated […]
June 24, 2019

Bold Women of the Bible: Miriam

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Moses. The guy that delivered the Israelites from Egypt… Did all the plagues with pharaoh… Burning bush… Red Sea… I’m pretty sure you know who I’m talking about. Well, if you’ll recall, the days when Moses was born were not great days for male Israelite babies. Pharaoh was tired of their population growing at a magnificent rate, and decided the best way to curb it was to murder all the male children when they were born. Listen, I’m a mom, and I know that there is no way in hell I’d let anyone murder […]
June 23, 2019

Bold Women of the Bible: Rebecca

Because I know not everyone knows all the stories in the old testament, I’m going to start each post in this series by  giving you a little background on the subject. So, you probably have heard of Abraham. Father of many nations and whatnot. His second son (and the son that God promised to him and his wife Sarah), Isaac, was of an age to marry. Sarah had just died. Abraham knew it was time to get a wife for his son – and it was his job, as these things were arranged. Abraham does NOT want his son to […]