About Amanda Krill, Life & Business Coach - Just Boldly Go

6 years ago, I knew, deep in my soul, that I’m supposed to help awaken women to their own potentiality, and help them find the path God intends for them to be walking + be bold enough to walk it – but they are stalling or putting it off because they have kids and a husband or family that isn’t supportive.

I was sitting in church when I got this directive.

My initial reaction was NOPE.

At the time, I was not ever interested in being the face of anything. Or leading any kind of movement. Or in general doing anything of the sort.

It took me awhile, and a whole lot of God being like “No, this is what you are going to do”, for me to come around, but here I finally am.

That’s when I created The Just Boldly Go Project.

The mission of The Just Boldly Go Project is this:

We help women face their fears, set goals, make game plans + generally take life by the cojones, so they can create a life + biz that they can’t wait to get out of bed for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Hey. I’m Amanda.

I’m… well, I’m a lot of things…

mom to three teenagers, wife, author, speaker, boldness coach, web designer, serial projector, Splenic Manifestor, Sagittarius, with Aries Rising, and a Scorpio moon, an ENFP and a 7w8.

If you don’t know what those last six things mean, we should talk. (It basically means I’m a sextuple dose of awesome.)

I freaking love the Pittsburgh Pirates + the Cleveland Indians + the Chicago Bears. Don’t ask. It is what it is.

I’m Scots-Irish to the point of ridiculousness, even though the bulk of my family has been in America for over 300 years.

As such, William Wallace screaming, “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take OUR FREEDOM” is the actual embodiment of my soul.

I love to travel. I love The Princess Bride. And I love what I do.