This project started out ages ago as a travel blog with aspirations to plan trips for people…because I really love planning trips.

I’ve been dragging my feet for three years on that, because even though it sounds fun, logistical details are not my strong suit.

Trips for me are way too “gunslinger” for most people – loose plans, with a few set-in-stone stops, leaving plenty of room for anything to happen along the way.

It turns out, that while I’m passionate about traveling, I’m even more passionate about helping people chase their dreams in bold ways.

Prior to my 14th year of life, the only places I’d ever been were Missouri, Pittsburgh and Lansing, Michigan. All of those locations are where I had close family members who were, obviously, very similar to me and my family in many ways.

I had a strong pull in my heart to see more of the world – and when I was finally old enough to go on a mission trip, I jumped at the chance. I somehow raised the $2,000 necessary to go (with no job) and took my very first trip outside the United States.

That trip changed everything.

In the next three years, I went on a trip a year, and while I realize that the purpose of the trip – serving other people was also a major lesson for me – the process of leaving familiar territory and doing life with people I’d never met before in a place I’d never been, surrounded by people who were nothing like me…well, it just completely altered everything about my known universe.

It made me more open-minded. It made me more compassionate. It made me live more boldly.

You don’t have to take a mission trip for this to happen for you. (Though, I highly recommend them.)

You can get the same results from traveling, even if it’s just to the next county over (at first). Baby steps at first, bold jumps later.

You CAN live a bold life – taking risks, loving wildly, doing work that excites you – you just have to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try something different.