November 18, 2018

If you never leave the couch… you aren’t ever going to get anywhere.

Sitting on the couch, or lying in a hammock and daydreaming about “what if” is so easy to do. What if I let the nudges of inspiration lead me down the road I’ve been dreaming about? What if I told people about the mistakes I made, but how they truly changed everything for the better? What if I wrote that book and it ended up making me a shit-ton of money? What if I stopped daydreaming, and do it?   The daydreaming is easy. Sitting on the couch and thinking about the difference I could be making, is a daily […]
November 12, 2018

Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back

Alright, so I’m no spring chicken. I’m also not exactly fit. And when I need an excuse for why I can’t do something, those are two excellent options. So, I’d been dreaming of the re-purposing of this travel blog into a brand new travel-inspired project for weeks. Maybe even a few months… I’d already had it all planned out. Knew what I need to change. Had copy mostly written…but I needed pictures. I absolutely could NOT launch without new pics. First I kept thinking I needed to lose weight before I took them…because I can’t do much about my age, […]