June 25, 2019

Bold Women Modern Edition: JK Rowling

The Harry Potter phenomena happened before I had kids. I had just finished Goblet of Fire around the time that my oldest son was born, and since I spent the following four years pregnant or breastfeeding, or otherwise changing diapers and chasing toddlers, it was also the last book I read for about a decade. Reading was and will always be one of my great pleasures in life. Eventually, I got back to it. Just this year I finally picked the Harry Potter series back up, starting at the first book, and devoured them all in 6 weeks or so. […]
June 24, 2019

Bold Women Modern Edition: Katherine Goble Johnson

Have you seen the movie Hidden Figures? It’s about three African American women who worked at NASA. All three of them were absolutely integral in getting men into space in the 1960s space race. And all three of them were ground-breaking, glass ceiling-shattering, civil rights change-makers. But the movie focuses primarily on Katherine, so I will too. At the beginning of the movie, the three ladies are broken down by the side of the road. A white policeman pulls up and starts to get a little belligerent with them – until he realizes they work at NASA. He ends up […]