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Our mission is to help women around the world find ways to live a bolder life, all while being a mom, a wife, a sister, a caretaker – whatever roles they are currently fulfilling in their lives.

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I’m the founder of The Just Boldly Go Project. 

I help women face their fears, set goals, make game plans + generally take life by the cojones, so the can create a life + biz that they can’t wait to get out of bed for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, an author, a mom (three teenagers, yo!) and a wife (23 years and counting).

I’m @amandakrill on all the socials. And if you wanna know about my story with debt and how I started my business, you should probably grab yourself a copy of my book: Mom vs Debt.

Thanks for checking out yet another of my passion projects, and if you decide to buy one, I’ll be eternally grateful.