I will teach you how to tame the chaos of everyday existence + give you a passion for life that comes from trying new things, making things with your hands, and visiting places you’ve never been…
so you can start living a life you can’t wait to get out of bed for, every. single. day.

I resist the idea of routine – but the ritual of making French press coffee every morning and cleaning up the kitchen before I start my work day, really makes everything go so much nicer.

I also realized that finding time to talk with God or meditate in the morning really helps too.

  • Develop a morning ritual that works for you. 
  • ​Discover the magic of a little alone time first thing in the morning and marvel at how it keeps you rocking through the day.
  • ​Find ways to incorporate God into your day. 

If asked, most women would say they have no talents. Nothing special about them.

This week is about identifying what we are good at so we can nurture that, and what we suck at, so we can put things in place to support us through our weaknesses.


  • Discover and celebrate the stuff that you are great at. 
  • ​Learn new ways to implement your talents. 
  • ​Identify your weaknesses and learn how to manage/support them.

It’s nigh impossible to grow and bring new things into your life when you are bogged down with clutter. Whether it’s physical or mental, either way – you’ve got to get rid of the old junk to make room for the new.

Think Marie Kondo, but less drastic.

  • You cannot imagine how much the clutter in your house is weighing you down. We’re going to start the process of clearing it out. 
  • ​Likewise, there are people who are sucking the life out of you. Learn how to say goodbye, or manage the relationship. 
  • ​Identify other parts of your life that just have to go because they do nothing but stress you out.

You can’t build an empire if you don’t know how to plan. I’m not big on planning out every hour of every day, but I do understand the value of staying on top of things.

Many people get lost in the details of HOW and find it too overwhelming to even start.

  • Learn the exact way I plan every week.
  • Explore planning methods and figure out which one works for you.
  • ​Learn how to develop a strategy that protects your life from “mom-brain” (it’s definitely a thing.)

Vision boards, goal setting, etc. I resist setting goals like a champ – because I know the way I’m heading is bound to change – but if you don’t have a destination you are trying to get to, you just run in circles, never actually moving forward.

  • Setting a goal does not mean it’s set in stone. Learn how to set goals, but be flexible. 
  • ​Create a vision board that actually works. 
  • ​Learn how to translate dreams to goals. They aren’t the same thing.

This is the last step – you get your shit all sorted and then it’s time to step out into the world. The scariest part for sure.

Create + Expand makes you bold, it helps you ease into stretching out of your comfort zone in small ways, which leads to doing the same in bigger ways.

  • ​Making stuff with your hands = stress relief. Plus, the more you create, the more creative you get. It’s science. 
  • If you are older than five years old, doing new stuff probably scares you. Learn why it’s okay to be scared and just do it anyway. 
  • ​Learn why visiting new places (even in your hometown) can expand your entire world view.


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I have been in a place of depression and constant reminder from the world of how I do not measure up, nor am I doing things that meet my desire and help the burning inside me to be flamed. This new mindset has turned my depression into desire and I am being intrinsically driven, though in tiny daily bits, to be the better mom, person and woman that God created me to be.

My desires of the past, that kept me going to be me, are flamed again and I LOVE IT.
– Jana, Indianapolis, IN
I have enjoyed the heck out of your program.

The beginning and ending were #STRAIGHTUPBAM for me. I received some incredible insights that appeared small, but were very profound. I really enjoyed having access to the interview and each segment, plus those PDF guidance sheets! And all the resources, like the assessments.

Overall, I felt like I was able to to tie up a few loose ends and anchor some important steps into my life as I move forward.

– Melody, LA
Holy Smokes! It’s like God is giving me the puzzle pieces I need to become my truest self!
I’m really appreciating the PDFs. They are comprehensive and very practical. They’re written from one girlfriend to another and are gorgeous to look at so I WANT to read them. I like to save them to my kindle so that I can reference them later (rarely can I read a single page in single sitting #momlife).
Thank you so much Amanda! I believe this course can contine to give life to women for years to come.
– Krystal, St. Louis, MO