Today I am interviewing Keira Coates, founder of We Are Soul Simple. In this episode we are talking all about how to be a better support system for our children. Keira shares with us why it’s so important for parents to lead by example and show up fully authentically for themselves and their dreams while their children are still young. Keira also shares her tips on how parents can help boost their teenagers confidence and further support them when speaking their truth.

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Change your story, change your life.

You were raised with a certain set of beliefs. You developed beliefs based on what you were taught and based on what you experienced. You were also raised with a certain set of skills, a comfort level feeling emotions, and ways of communicating.

If you want to experience something different than what you have experienced in the past, or what you are experiencing now, you’re going to need to learn new things.

Your mind is going to resist until you can show it that this new thing is safe.

Keira leads people in getting clear on what their truth is, what their needs are, and what their next level looks like and then…She guides them in making it feel safe to experience it.

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