If you are from NW Ohio, there is a strong possibility that you’ve heard about The Spot. If you are late to the party, that’s okay, I’m going to hook you up.

So the short version of the story is that this dude found a stand of red pine in a certain part of Oak Openings MetroPark. As you’ll note, the name of the park, Oak Openings, speaks to the reality that the majority of the trees in the park are, in fact, Oaks. So, this rare grouping of red pines are not native to the area, and basically, they are rare – and since they are dying, and will not be replanted, the Spot has a limited lifespan.

You can read the story from The Blade here.

In the early days of the popularity of The Spot, you had to know someone to get there. Or you had to hike all over the park, and hope you find the right place. Hint: there are other stands of pine in the park, but this one is unique – thus the name, The Spot.

Because I’m a big proponent of sharing things with everyone – especially when they won’t be around forever, I’m going to share the location with you, and some pictures from a couple of times we’ve stopped by from this past fall, and this winter.

The thing about the spot is the stillness of it.

The pines swaying gently as you stare up at the sky. The blanket of needles covering the ground. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve been, and the idea that it’s fading makes me sad.


Get thee to The Spot, and take a friend or five. It’s too perfect to keep it quiet.