Okay, so technically, the actual number one question people always ask me (after 14 years of running my own business and working from home) is, “How do you make yourself get out of bed and work?”

The answer to that is, “How do you make yourself get out of bed every day and go make money for other people?”

So, not really that helpful for my readers…

I mean, honestly, what kind of question is that? Whatever you do to pay bills – you do it, right?

If you work for yourself, and you don’t work, you don’t have money for groceries. So, you get your bum out of bed and you do it.

If you work at a grocery store, you get up and you go to work.

It’s the same thing, and it’s not hard.

Instead, I’ll focus on the second question.

“Where do you even find clients?”

Back in the day, I found my very first client on Craigslist. That was before you could get murdered answering ads on Craigslist, though, and I no longer recommend that. Though, technically, I did work with that fellow for two solid years, he did pay me, real money, regularly; he didn’t steal my identity; and I’ve never actually met him in person. Though he DID ask me to google cures for herpes once – and that was a hard no.

I transitioned to HireMyMom.com after that. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Leslie and the folks at HMM.com – they are amazing, and the job postings are top notch.

You can also set up an account at Upwork.com – I’ve gotten several really good clients from there too.

But lately, the best place to find clients is LinkedIn. Hands down. It’s a great place to make actual professional connections, and really find people who are doing amazing things.

If you haven’t listened to my interview with Raluca Topor, you should check that out. She’s a LinkedIn expert, and after chatting with her about my profile, I was able to make key changes that really made my profile stand out.

I went from appearing in 20-30 searches a month to over 200. Seriously.