My husband is a country kind of guy. And I love that about him. Me, I’m more of a hybrid. I feel perfectly at home in our house in the midst of corn fields (or soybeans, depending on the year) or in a city.

I love NYC. I’ve only been there three times, but it was great. Up until this past year, though, I would absolutely name Chicago as my go-to favorite. And I still love it there. The city is vibrant. It’s super easy to get around with public transportation, the lake is gorgeous, I love the architecture, and Wrigley Field.

But, like I said, last year, there was an usurper.

My husband and I went on a cruise with another couple and we had the lucky fortune to get to spend what amounted to about two full days in New Orleans.

It’s not the biggest. It’s not the cleanest. But man, that city is chock full of personality.

Canal Street is wide and lovely. The restaurants are unique and the food is beyond good. The streetcars make it super easy to get around, and thanks to a guy who was standing near one of the stops, we got a free map and some tips on what we had to see in our short time.

The evening we arrived, we all headed straight for Bourbon St. (Of course). It was loud, loads of drunk people and live music. Pretty much just what we expected. It was great.

We learned the next morning that we were too old for Bourbon St and that we should have gone to Frenchman St instead. That afternoon was when the cruise started, but we made a mental note and planned to head down there on our last night in the city.

The best thing about New Orleans is the food. Or maybe it’s the music. Or maybe it’s the…gosh. I don’t know. It’s all of it. Just the whole laid back atmosphere.

Without giving you a step by step of “this-is-what-we-did”, I’m going to give you a few places you’ve got to see while you are there.


The French Quarter – don’t miss it. The buildings, the food, the French Market. It’s awesome.
Frenchman St – if you are over 30, this is the place for you in the evening. Live music in just about every bar.
Voodoo BBQ – best pulled pork sandwich of my life – and since I always order pulled pork if it’s on the menu, I know.
Lafayette 1 – the coolest cemetery you’ve ever seen. I could spend hours there.
St. Louis 1 – Marie Laveau’s cemetery. Go there just so you can do the ritual. I left a shiny penny.
Garden Line Streetcar – even if you never get off, it’s a lovely ride through some lovely neighborhoods.
City Park – you don’t want to miss the Live Oaks.