We all have those little things that we dread doing so we avoid them. Is it possible that the avoidance is causing us MORE overwhelm?


This avoidance and procrastination leaves many mamas scrambling to clean up BIG life messes that could have been avoided in the first place. While leaving the school project, putting off answering emails, paying bills, or other little “life” situations might not seem like they will actually have an impact, it’s time to realize that they can (and probably will).

It’s time to open our eyes to all the time wasted, stress-induced, and excess money spent on cleaning up messes that could have been avoided. Are you ready to tackle this important issue?.

Awesome, Let’s do it!

Think about the last time you had a HUGE mess that you spent time (that you didn’t have) trying to fix. It was overwhelming, wasn’t it? This happened to me just recently. My son needed a present for the Christmas present exchange at school. I put it off and put it off until it was the night before and I had to run out a find a gift for $5 or less. Uugh – had I just done it as soon as the note came home (instead of putting if off) I could have ordered it online and saved myself a TON of time!

When you’re a crazy busy mom, every bit of time you can save matters. When we are faced with small tasks and don’t do them right away, we end up with a bit of a messy situation that requires EVEN more of our time.

Now, let’s talk about the steps to take to prevent those little things from turning into big nightmares and causing so much overwhelm.

Step One: Start with the Thoughts.

I always start with this step. Our thoughts really do dictate so much. From our actions to our results, our thoughts are either helping or harming our productivity. If you tell yourself that you hate cleaning the house, chances are you are going to put it off until your guests are on the way and end up spending time you don’t have the night before they arrive. It is the time to look at tasks you don’t want to do differently.

Look at back to school shopping as an opportunity to spend time with your kids before they go back to school. Decide that cleaning out the playroom is a way to find long lost toys for your kids instead of a 3 hour long project that you should have to do anyway.

Changing your thoughts is going to help immensely when it comes to dealing with little things BEFORE they turn into huge monsters.

Step Two: Skip Procrastination.

Procrastination hurts us. Plain and simple. Procrastination is what makes us wait on doing things and what causes them to turn into big things. Skip it altogether to avoid these messes you don’t want to create in the first place! Set the goal to do things as soon as they become things. That way they will not become BIG things!

Step Three: Just Do It!

I’m a firm believer in the habit of making the choice to just do it. If you do things now, you’ll actually save yourself time in the long run. Take answering an email for example. If you answer it now, it might take 15 minutes. If you read it now, then re-read it again in two days, then again before you respond, you’ve now spent double the amount of time on it.

If email is an issue for you, don’t open the emails until you’re going to have 10-15 minutes to deal with those types of things. Because that’s going to make a huge difference in your productivity and how you feel.

Think of the mental energy you waste “thinking” about doing things. If you just do them, you will save yourself time AND energy!

The Bottom Line

If there’s stuff that you dread doing, causes you stress, or that’s just too big to handle, you’re not going to do it. You’ll find yourself stressed out all the time, letting it turn into big issues, and you’re going to end up hating life. Change your thoughts, love the things you’re doing, and don’t turn them into big ordeals and big fiascos. You will be so, so much happier, I promise.

Prevent those little, minuscule things from turning into your nightmares.

You’ll be so glad you did.

I really, really encourage you to go through that email inbox, deal with the playroom, and get after that business task. Why? Because you’re going to feel amazing when you get it done and it doesn’t turn into something that’s going to haunt you forever.

Avoid that time waster and get your stress under control by tackling it NOW!

If you are overwhelmed, stressed, and have more to do then hours in a day, it is time to change ALL of that! You can learn the steps that you need to create more time, be more productive, and feel like you are in control of time (instead of it controlling you)

I have just the tool to help you get started with that process.

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I can’t wait to help you save your time and sanity.

You got this, mama.


Rachael is a Time Freedom Coach for crazy busy, stressed, and overworked moms who are struggling to find work/life balance. She helps her clients create a vision for themselves and teaches them tools to get there. She is a mom of 6 who wanted it all and would not settle for not having it. She has become an expert at helping moms have the best of both worlds. She founded The Fulfilled Mama to help moms find time for the things they want in life while also being there for their families.

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