I used to call myself a web designer, and that’s pretty accurate as to what I was and how I was showing up.

The difference is subtle – but it’s there.
It’s the difference between someone who just does the job they are hired to do, and someone who leads you through the process of stepping into a better version of yourself and your business.

For years, I have created gorgeous websites that use a combo of copy + images + design to be an actual online representation of my client.

My process is a little woo-woo, in that I work a lot from intuition. I can’t explain how it is that I do what I do – I just know exactly what you need and I give it to you.

But I also have been really passive about the process. It’s been very loosey-goosey and by the seat of my pants, waiting on clients and not enforcing deadlines, etc. I’ve been hesitant to guide my clients, because, quite frankly, I was not comfortable with being the driving force behind the project.

We managed files, communication, etc via email. Things would get lost. Balls would get dropped.

I’ve been re-working my process, implementing systems, and streamlining the whole process over the last two months.

I am no longer simply a web designer. I have been doing this for too long to minimize my process and what I bring to the table.

I am a branding expert, because I have been creating brands for people for thirteen years. I know what you need before you do. I know how to highlight your best traits via copy + images + design and I know how to make your dream clients fall in love with you and throw money at your feet.

It’s a proprietary blend of intuition + experience + marketing mojo that no one else can offer you. Period.

And now it’s delivered in a super seamless, no balls dropped, no details slipping through the cracks way that makes your project run so smoothly, you won’t even believe it.

If that sounds like something you need (and trust me, you do), just head over here and let’s get started.

I only take a limited number of branding clients per quarter, so don’t wait until I’m booked 😉