I might be overreacting, but this kind of shizz is exactly why “Christians” turn other people off.

From a blog entitled:

What Social Media Doesn’t Tell You About Being a Work-At-Home Mom

“You can have both,” they say. Work from home AND raise your babies. All you have to do is give 15 hours a week to your side hustle, while also magically engaging your toddlers, driving them to extra-curricular activities, reading with them daily, cooking healthy meals, cleaning the house, and planning the family social calendar.

Holy Moly. I am exhausted just typing that. And yet, I feel like that’s the unrealistic message our society sends to moms today.

Although the idea may initially seem empowering (you can have the best of both worlds!), I fear it’s leading moms (especially those who stay home with their children) to pursue other avenues of purpose that lead us to over-work, over-commit, and over-look the children right in front of us.

And it continues…

Please hear me: I am all for moms using their strengths, talents, and education to help others, run a business, and make a difference in this world.But if the job isn’t critical to pay bills and hinders our ability to show up as mom, wife, and friend; to honor God with our lives and how we love our families, then something’s got to give.

But the truth that God keeps bringing me back to time and again is that motherhood is enough. It’s enough of a calling, job, and privilege to stay home with our kids and help shape them into caring, respectful, hard-working humans who love God and others.

Of course you can be a mom and work outside your home or inside your home. And just because financially you don’t need to, doesn’t mean that your children and husband should be the only thing you are “doing” with your life.

God puts passions inside us that are inexplicable, and if you ignore them, or say “I’ll wait til my kids are grown” you are doing a disservice to yourself, your kids, all the rest of us, and most importantly God.

Working does not imply ignoring your kids. It does not mean you will miss out on their childhood or that you will not be there for them when they need you.

And what happens to you when your kids are grown, and you are left unsure of who you even are anymore? Because trust me – that’s a thing that happens.

I love Jesus, but I cuss a little. I love Jesus, but I can’t abide other “Christians” who try to make anyone feel bad for their choices of having work vs just “being a mom.”

If you want to work, work. If you don’t want to work, don’t. But if you feel a burning in your soul, and you ignore it – that’s between you and your maker.

And to Suzy-home-maker who finds time to do a blog full-time, but thinks other women should be happy with just being a mom – mind your own damn business.