Alright, so I’m no spring chicken. I’m also not exactly fit. And when I need an excuse for why I can’t do something, those are two excellent options.

So, I’d been dreaming of the re-purposing of this travel blog into a brand new travel-inspired project for weeks. Maybe even a few months…

I’d already had it all planned out. Knew what I need to change. Had copy mostly written…but I needed pictures.

I absolutely could NOT launch without new pics.

First I kept thinking I needed to lose weight before I took them…because I can’t do much about my age, but I could lose a few lbs.

I talked myself through that – because I mean, yeah, I lost five, but it’s not melting off, so, let it go.

Then my preferred photographer was unavailable (it’s fall, so yeah, of course she is).

I could have just waited, but I realize inspiration is fleeting, and you have to strike while the iron is hot…

I could have just waited, but I know very well that I have ADHD like nobody’s business, and if I wait too long, my attention will be elsewhere.

I could have just waited, but I just couldn’t, ya know?

So one day I got up, put on a cute outfit, packed some other stuff to change in to, grabbed a tripod and my cell phone and headed out to get the pictures my own damn self.

Everyone that I’ve told this story to is like, “You did what?!?!”

Seriously, I did.

And they might be my favorite pics of me ever!

I paid a crap ton of money for this cell phone and it’s got a hella good camera…so why the hell not?!

The second question I got was how I got pics that show so much life?

The answer to that is it took about 300 shots to get five good ones. I had to just act like I would have if a real photographer was there…and it actually might have been a little easier to do by myself, because I was out in the middle of nowhere for most of them – I wasn’t worried what anyone thought. I just wanted pics that looked like the real me.

My point in telling you all of this is that you can’t let pictures or weight or age or anything else keep you from driving ahead and doing the stuff you need to do.

There are always going to be valid excuses, but there are also always going to be creative solutions.

And, the good news is, the creative solution usually ends up being the better one in the end.

What are you dragging your feet on? How can you get it done anyway?