When I first started my business, I was a Virtual Assistant, and later, I designed websites. 

In my early days, my first instinct when I met someone else who did the same sort of thing I did was to put my guard up. 

I mean, they are actively competing for the same jobs I’m trying to get. 

Potential clients might like their work better. 

And what if they are better at what we do than I am.

The older I got, and the longer I did this work, the more I realized that my logic was flawed. 

By always expecting that everyone is trying to steal my potential gigs, I’m moving through the world with a negative cloud around me. 

Sure, there will always be potential clients who like someone else’s work better, and likewise, there will be plenty who like my work better. 

These people who I was pushing away were potential friends, who understood the travails of freelancing, who could help me troubleshoot issues with my work, and who could refer clients that weren’t a good fit for them to me…and vice versa.

And not just that…

When you embrace community with fellow creatives, you open the doors for literal magic to be made.

I’m totally not exaggerating here. 

Many of my best ideas have been the result of a conversation with some brilliant person, and it wasn’t even something we talked about that caused the idea, it was just the spark of talking to a brilliant person.

Those conversations have encouraged me to take risks, push boundaries, and stop second-guessing my own worth + talent.

That’s why I created a Community for Creative People.

Because I’m tired of competing.

I’m tired of comparing.

And I’m tired of not having the support I need in my creative pursuits, because not everyone understands me or what I do.

I don’t fit in with the cool kids, so I’m making my own club.

And the only thing missing over here is you.

Join Our Gang

Together, we are creating an extraordinary community that will help you Network, Brainstorm, Support with other creative entrepreneurs. You'll get Feedback, Accountability, and most importantly, Inspiration (especially when you aren’t feeling inspired) – all the things you need, in one tight community.

All that's missing is you.