My message is never not going to be “You can be a mom and have other work in the world.”

If you are a mom, raising kids is absolutely part of the life God designed for you, it’s absolutely the most important thing, but that’s definitely not the only plan He has in mind.

Part of being a mom is teaching your kids how to adult – and if you are playing it safe in your life – that’s what you are teaching them to do too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not okay with my kids going through the motions of their lives. I want them to live every second in a passionate way that leaves them used up at the end of their lives. I want them to know they can be and do anything.

They might figure that out for themselves as they grow older – but I’d rather start them out with that, by showing them that “I” can do and be anything I want too.

This isn’t about doing big, crazy things. It’s about following nudges. It’s about listening to your gut. It’s about letting God open doors you never thought of opening.

It’s not about starting a business, or being an entrpreneur (at least not yet…), it’s about allowing God to lead you down paths that seem scary and bigger than you can handle.

It’s about showing your kids that no matter how big of a mess you get yourself into (ahem, $64k of credit card debt…) you can fix it and turn it into a really great thing.

But if you want to open yourself up like that, you have to set a solid foundation that minimizes distractions, streamlines your life, and helps you feel confident in your ability to get it all done.

And technically, those are all things your kids need to learn from you too. 😉

That’s why I created this course, Free to Be. I want moms everywhere to understand that while they do their biggest work, they can chase their passions too.

We begin Sunday, April 21st.  Join Us.