The BEST Place I’ve EVER Stayed.

I’ll start by saying this is NOT a paid post. I don’t get any kickbacks. I didn’t get any sort of discount. I am just so in love with this place that I can’t shut up about it.

Let me start by telling you how we found it.

So, we flew from Oahu to the Big Island on the earliest possible flight to Kona. I believe we arrived around 6am. We had an AirBnB booked, on the completely other side of the island near Pāhoa.

We took our time getting there. We couldn’t check in until 3pm anyway. On the way, we stopped in Hilo and did a helicopter tour of the volcano (that’s another post). I had the best poke bowl (Grilled Shrimp Poke Bowl…raw Ahi, aioli sauce, avocado and grilled shrimp over rice.) of my life at Ken’s House of Pancakes (no joke), and my husband had the Mokosaurus…Spam, Hamburger, Pulled Pork, country Fried Steak, gravy and eggs over rice.



Eventually, we made it to the little house we’d rented for the wicked amazing price of $55/night.

The thing you should know about the Big Island is that the differences in elevation make for extreme temp changes. It was probably in the 70s up on the mountain, but down by the sea, it was closer to 85 and humid as can be.

And the house had no air conditioning.

So we left. Bit the cost and went looking for somewhere else.

We did not know, however, that there aren’t that many places to stay on the Big Island if you haven’t booked ahead. We were fully prepared to sleep in our rental car on the beach…and then we found this place…

Volcano Village Lodge.

The beauty of this place is immeasurable. Located in the midst of the jungle, right on the Kilauea volcano, each room is it’s own autonomous hut. No, hut isn’t the right word. That sounds like it’s way less luxurious than it is. Cabin isn’t right either, because it’s not like there are moose running about.

Lodge… that’s what they call them. There are five in total, and a communal hot tub area. They have videos, books (basically, a library) and games that you can borrow. The wifi isn’t stellar, but it works.

The last and only lodge they had left for the night was only suited for two. Totally fine. Just me and the husband.

The price tag was not even close to that AirBnB. Oh my no – and while I worried it was too much, the husband said it was all good. (EEK!!!)

The lovely gal at the front showed us around, told us about the amenities, showed us where the phone was and a list with numbers and left.

Even though every other lodge was booked – but we never saw another human being.

It was magical.

I couldn’t describe our lodge any better than they do on the website:

Hale Kilauea’s dramatic glassed walls on three sides let you immediately blend into the primal garden of the bamboo, giant tree ferns, colorful Anthuriums, and the old Ohia trees.

Enjoy a cozy gas fireplace while contemplating the sacred garden. Experience the full ambience of a quiet rain forest retreat.

The Hale Kilauea is our personal favorite and recommend it for guests who thrive in open nature. The cozy hale is perfect for two nature loving souls with simple yet elegant tastes in life. The intensely rich green tree ferns and glistening red Anthuriums beckon the song birds right outside your ceiling-to-floor windows.

Although small, the Hale Kilauea is equipped with full luxury amenities for your comfort: fireplace, refrigerator, LCD TV/DVD, CD player, microwave/toaster oven, coffee maker, tea kettle, beautiful dining setting, wireless connection, private bath, and more.

Seriously. This place is GORGEOUS.


(GoPro images in wide lens so you can see what it’s actually like)





Breakfast consisted of yogurt, quiche, several kinds of granola bars and a plate of fruit.



The lodge itself is just moments from the crater at the National Park Visitor Center. Just jump in the car, drive up the road, and you are there.

The lodge is located in the village of Volcano. There are other places to stay in the village, but if you are looking for something natural, something isolated, something incredibly luxurious – this is the place for you.

I cannot recommend it more highly, and should we ever be back to the Big Island, this is the ONLY place I would stay.

Book your stay with them now. Seriously. Do it.

(a few images borrowed from the Volcano Village Lodge website)