The Just Boldly Go Project helps women start their own businesses, chase their passions, and live a life they can’t wait to get out bed for every. single day.

We offer business coaching, branding and web design, boldness coaching, and are in the process of opening a local, in-person co-working space + business development center in Defiance, Ohio.

I initially started the online portion of my business 14 years ago, because I was in a lot of debt, had 3 toddlers, and no job. I had to pay it off, so I got creative.

I see so many women struggling through life, wanting to do something bigger and bolder, but having no idea where to start. I want to provide a space to nurture that passion, help them carve out their own space in the world, and make a difference in their own lives and the people whose lives they touch.

One hurdle that many women struggle with is the tech portion. For others, it’s that they don’t have anyone to support their ideas and goals. The Just Boldly Go Project will support women in those areas and more.

The building we have recently purchased in Defiance, Ohio was once used as a brothel. We are reclaiming the space to help women make a living on their own terms.

Unfortunately, the building is just a shell. We have received a small loan from a local group to get started on the rehab of the building, but it won’t be even close to enough.

When all is said and done, the building will likely cost over $75,000 to complete.

Since 2006

Fourteen years ago I started my business out of necessity. I had no choice but to make it work, to pay off the debt that I’d incurred. Now my business is based on my passion for helping women everywhere learn how to pursue their own dreams, take calculated risks, and keep going even if they aren’t successful on their first go, or they don’t have a support system that encourages them.

My passion is driven by seeing too many women go through the motions of the one and only life they have, not living it to the fullest, not showing their kids how to chase their dreams, not showing their kids how to get back up and try again (by example) and just waiting until their kids are grown before they find a passion of their own.

I want to help women see that they change every life they touch – but they have to start with their own.