San Francisco, Yosemite, Sequoias, Oh My!

Sometimes we all have to travel for reasons beyond our control. A business trip, or a family thing. Sometimes you take a specific trip for a specific purpose – like to take your kids to an archery tournament (we had three last year).

And sometimes you travel just because you want to. No reason other than to see parts of the world that you’ve never seen before.

I’m an advocate of traveling for either reason, and I always say go big or go home.

This past fall my husband and I took a just because trip to California. I’d never been there. He hadn’t in years. And I was dying to see those sequoias.

We had four days, including traveling from Ohio to Cali, and a literal ton of stuff to do and see.

Up first, Sequoias. After we landed in Fresno, we picked up our rental care (via Budget. Great little car. Good gas mileage.)