Retainer Packages

Why a retainer vs just when I need Help?

  • If you know that you will need design and/or development services thoughout the year, but don’t want to hire a full-time in-house person, my retainer package is for you.
  • You get a discounted rate compared to my normal hourly rate and a la carte rates.
  • You have peace of mind with a guaranteed amount of work each month.
  • You pay a set amount each month for the duration of your contract and don’t have to worry about fluctuating fees.
  • You get the access to a professional without the overhead costs of an employee.

How does it work?

A retainer fee is like a monthly fee. It is paid up front each month before work is ordered. Essentially, you are paying for time versus a specific service.

Based on the retainer package you select, I will block out my schedule with the appropriate amount of hours each month and plan my workload accordingly. You have peace of mind knowing that you will receive a pre-established amount of work each month, without having to worry about what other client projects are ahead of you!


  • 10 hours per month 
  • 10% discount
  • Priority service in projects
  • 1 call per month to review project load

Investment: $495/month


  • 20 hours per month
  • 15% discount – you save $175!
  • Priority service in projects
  • 1 call per month to review project load

Investment: $925/month


  • 40 hours per month (10 hours per week)
  • 25% discount – you save $600!
  • Priority service in projects
  • 1 call per month to review project load

Investment: $1,600/month

Ok, I’m in. How do I sign up?


1. Get in Touch.

I want to learn all about your business and goals. We’ll review your business needs and upcoming projects.

2. Sign on the dotted line and submit your first monthly.

Once the paperwork is completed and the first retainer fee is paid, we will discuss all your projects needed for the month and get to work! Prior to the 2nd month, we will have a phone call to review the next month’s priorities.

3. Rinse & Repeat

We will repeat the process each month for the remainder of the program you selected.

Nice Words

from my amazing clients

"This is SO unfair... You got me on the first try!!! I haven't even filled out the form yet! I really REALLY love what you've done so far. It is so clean and it's exactly what I want. It's hard for me to find anything that I DON'T like on here, so the only feedback I can give is, YES!!!"

I’m currently “ under construction” with Amanda and I can’t recommend her enough .

I’ve been working on a rebranding and consolidating my 15 lanes down to something manageable and she totally understands and is so easy to work with and was able to decipher what I wanted everything to look like . Her first brand book she sent me hit the mark exactly without any tweaks. She took my existing logo and made it fit what I’m doing.

I love her 

 I trust her and she’s stuck with me for life.
Deirdra Vierra

Om Holistic

Amanda does fantastic work. She is incredibly easy to work with and responds timely to all questions and requests. Highly recommended! ?

Melissa Buehner

Bantering Books

I have worked with Amanda for years – she is a joy and a total pro. Her work is top notch, she always delivers on time, and gives me exactly what I want. I have worked with other people but I always end up going back to Amanda. She “gets me” and my brand. In fact, I’m never working with anyone else ever again.

Theresa Reed

The Tarot Lady

I waited so long to get help with both my websites because I couldn’t find the right person, so when someone suggested Amanda and she offered clarity, a great turnaround, and skillsets on WordPress and Squarespace, I was sold!

She overdelivered, totally upleveled my sites, and “got me” after just one quick phone call, and I will definitely use her again in the future.

Laura Pennington Briggs

The Freelance Coach