Pro Bono Website Program

Nominate yourself or a business that could use a leg up

On November 15, 2021, I announced that I’m no longer offering Branding + Website Design services to new clients.

And I meant it.

But since then, I realized that I still really love doing websites.

I just don’t love doing them as my main business anymore.

I’ve always said that some day I want to be making enough money from my coaching and books to be able to do websites for people who don’t have the scratch to pay for them, but are doing really amazing things in the world, and deserve a proper website.

Am I at that place right now?

If I’m honest, no. I’m not.

But you don’t change your circumstances by doing things the way you’ve always done them, right?

If I wait until I’m *ready*, I’ll be waiting forever, because I won’t ever feel like I’m actually ready.

(There’s a free coaching tidbit for you too.)

So, for 2022, I am going to be doing ten websites, completely free (you need to provide domain, hosting, logo, copy and imagery).

This isn’t a first come, first served situation, though.

I and my core team will be reading all submissions and choosing based on need + what good trouble you are causing in the world.

Every month except June and December, we will choose a website to work on, and we will announce it here, and on social media.

You may nominate yourself, or someone you care about.

Please read the rules before you apply. A copy of these rules will be sent to each chosen entity, and they must agree to abide by them.

If your nominee is chosen, they will receive one custom designed WordPress Website (they provide hosting), valued at $7500. 

A few caveats:

No ecommerce websites.

There is a cap of 10 pages.

You MUST have your domain, hosting, logo, professional quality photos/stock photos and copy ready to go before we will begin.

We will provide 5 hours of support for the first 30 days after the website goes live, but after that, you are on your own.

Nominate yourself or a deserving business:

    These are required for the project to move forward in an expedient manner.

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