Hey! Fancy seeing you here. 


I’m super glad you stopped by. 

If you are here, that means we met recently at an event, and you took one of my Manifesto cards.

My passion is helping you find ways to live the big, bold life that God intended for you to live.

To that end, here are the ways to get the very most out of what I’ve got to offer.

Just Boldly Go

Inspirational Shizz, The Podcast, The Facebook Group + Courses to help you tame the chaos of everyday existence so you can start living a life you can’t wait to get out of bed for, every. single. day. 

Just Boldly Be

When you are ready to go, but don’t know where to start. One-on-one coaching might be the answer. Click the button below to schedule a FREE Discovery Session.

and finally…

Just Boldly Do

When you are ready to start out on the journey to walk the walk and talk the talk (and you need a hella great Brand to do it.)

This last piece is where I’d like to focus for you.

If you are ready, I have a very special offer for you.

My branding packages normally start at $4,000. However, I’m offering a special just for the attendees of events I’ve spoken at – who are ready to seize their future.


Spots are limited. I’m only booking out til December, two per month. Once they are gone, they are gone.

So here’s the fine print:

You will get my normal branding package (starting at $4k) for $2500.

An inital deposit of $1000 secures your spot.

You will make the deposit by clicking the button below, then you will schedule the start date of your project.

You will also fill out a branding form, an Ideal Client form and create a pinterest board to share with me.