Niagara Falls + Internationally Traveling Kids

My first trip out of the US was at the age of 14. I went on a mission trip to Antigua, and it changed my life. Partially because seeing the way people live outside of the US is enlightening. I mean, it was mind-blowing to me that people lived on a regular basis without MTV.

I don’t want my kids to be like that. And while Canada is basically America’s sister, and they have basically all the same things we have – we decided it was time to get the kids started on the road to being International Travelers. It was awesome for them to see that people use different money than we use. They have different products in the groceries. They have better Kit Kats.

The purpose of the trip was to take our kids to an amazing natural wonder of the world. Niagara Falls is fairly close (roughly 6 hours) and we had an open weekend, so why not?

I’d been wanting to see them anyway, because though I try to stay inside as much as possible during the winter months, if there is some amazing winter thing within driving distance, I want to see it. I’m sure you saw the frozen falls on the news – and if you didn’t, I’m sorry. They were gorgeous.