The Last Place I Thought I Wanted To Go

When I first started this blog, the goal was just to have an outlet to talk about how much I love to travel. And maybe start selling trip planning services.

I still want to do both of those things, but I’ve realized I need to focus in a little better. Travel is a really broad topic – and I want to be a little more specific.

I’ve finally decided where I’d like to focus – and it’s on encouraging people not just to travel, but to travel to places they hadn’t really ever thought about going, because while going to Rome was just as amazing as I thought it would be (and I cannot recommend going there any more highly) – there are some really amazing other places that people don’t normally have on their radar that are pretty awesome too.

I’ll still talk about popular vacation destinations – but I’ll focus on off-the-beaten-path things to do there, rather than the typical touristy stuff.

With that idea in mind, I’m going to begin my new direction with Norway.

If someone had asked me if I wanted to go to Norway five years ago, I would have said that it wasn’t at the top of my list. I’ll go anywhere once, but on my ultimate list of places I need to go, Norway was not on it.

And then I went there.

(I have written about this trip before – and you can read more over here.)

We spent most of our time in Oslo, but the beauty of this amazing place jumped out at us as soon as we left the airport. The Flytoget (train) from the airport to Oslo is the best bet for getting to the capital (unless you rent a car), but I’ll warn you, cars in the oldest part of Oslo are not something you see a lot of.

Norway is a very environmentally conscious country, and while the city centre has always been light on private vehicles, by 2019 they will basically be banned.

You can walk everywhere or take the bus anyway.

The people are friendly. The food is amazing. The scenery is beyond gorgeous.

And Vikings. Did I mention Vikings??

The point here is this…

Every single spot on this planet has value.

They each have a lesson to teach you if you are open to hearing it. And the lesson comes not in visiting only touristy destinations (though they are cool too) – it comes in digging in to a place and walking its streets, eating food that the locals eat and riding along side them on the bus.

And, thus far in my forty years of life, the places that have the dearest place in my heart are not the places that I ever thought I’d go.

So with that, I kick off my new focus for this blog. I’ll also be introducing itineraries (that you can buy, because, a girl’s gotta eat, ya know) and custom designed trips in the next month or so.

Just Boldy Go isn’t just about travel…it’s about traveling to places you hadn’t thought of, and for people who don’t usually travel.