Day 15 – The World’s Most Epic RV Road Trip – Vegas, Baby

When I say we don’t like crowds – I mean it. We were at the Hoover Dam before anyone else. Waiting patiently for a tour that was not to be. (Broken elevator).

We did do the visitor center – very informative, very interesting. We spent quite a bit of time checking it out, and headed out for the rest of the day.

If you don’t get a pic in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, it doesn’t count, right?

And even though, the gang is never there, we still wanted to see the Pawn Shop.

Fremont Street…the kids were underwhelmed.

Pizza Rock for lunch. Best Gluten Free pizza I’ve ever had (the one with Arugula on top). Loved the food and the place.

And finally, we spent the evening checking out a few other casinos and shops.

Tomorrow, we head home.

This is the second time I’ve been to Las Vegas – and both times I was less than impressed. I’m not into gambling, or drinking, or living it up because “You’re in Vegas!” It’s a nice, cheap place to fly into to get to other places, and that’s what it will remain for me.