Day 10 – The World’s Most Epic RV Road Trip – Glacier Point + Sequoia National Park

Contrary to the name – you will find no glaciers at Glacier Point. This fact bummed me out.

There ARE glaciers in Yosemite – but you have to hike over 14,000 feet peaks to see them, and since I couldn’t hack Vernal Falls – well, yeah, it’s just not happening for me.

You will however, find the most amazing view of the Yosemite Valley. Legit, the best view in the park.

There used to be hotels up there, but the park wisely chose not to rebuild, making that view accessible to anyone who wanted to drive up. It IS worth the time.

The hike is easy, not far and stunning.


The rest of this story is a cautionary tale. What should have been maybe 4 hours in the RV (tops) turned into closer to 8 – simply because we forgot something that we knew going in.

See, when you route to Sequoia National Park from Yosemite – it gives you options.

What we neglected to note is that if you take the recommended route (which we did), you will get to the park quicker…but you can’t get to the part of the park you actually want to get to…because a portion of the road is much too twisty for a 24 ft RV.

See what I mean?

Yeah, so we didn’t realize the mistake until we were literally at the park entrance. We had to turn around and head back toward Visalia, Ca.

Except our GPS did not realize we were in an RV (obviously), so it thought it would be smart and take a non-state highway before we got to Visalia that would cut the corner to get to the north entrance.

This was near-disastrous.

We ended up on what amounted to a barely 1.5 lane road that wound through ranches and basically nowhere. Until we entered the park on a dirt road…that turned into a washed out one lane dirt road.


Eventually, we got there.

I cannot describe the smell of this forest. It is crisp, clean and unlike anywhere else.

These trees are out of this world unbelievable. The sheer size is unbelievable. I swear when you touch them, you can feel all the years they’ve been alive.