8 Hours on Agate Beach = 28 Agates

28 agates in 8 hours sounds like a lot. It’s not.

Over a four day period I legit spent a little over 8 hours sitting on this beach, searching for the elusive agate. (note there’s something like 7 miles of rocks on this beach.)


And I really DID find 28 of them.

But from that beach, I gathered all of these that I thought MIGHT be agates…toted them back to our campsite in a bucket and checked them with a magnifier and a light.



And THIS is the big take.



It should be noted that I’ve been looking for agates on this beach for ELEVEN YEARS, and I’ve never found one. Last year, I bought the Agate Lady’s book (she’s a fixture in Grand Marais). I studied it backwards and forwards and this year, I finally broke the code.

Or, well, I sort of did. I realized that I’m better at finding them in the dry rocks – whereas my daughter can spot them easily when they are wet.

And obviously, I thought a whole lot of rocks (like probably a thousand or so) were maybe, possibly, could-be agates…and I ended up with 28.

I think there is some big life lesson in there…but that’s for another blog.