Strategy Session

When you need a quick shift in mindset, an outside perspective, someone to help you make a game plan with actionable next steps…


you need a strategy session.


I have a unique gift for seeing who people are. I’ve been saying that I’m intuitive for years – and I am, but I recently discovered that it’s more than that.

According to my Human Design Chart, I have an open identity center – which helps me see exactly who you are, what you need to be doing, and where you are stuck, and helps you see it too.

I also have a defined Will center – and when you work with me, I lend you some of that energy that can literally will things into being.


Book a strategy session with me

You get 30 minutes of my undivided attention, to chat about wherever you are stuck.

It can be life, business, website, whatever you want.

Within 48 hours, you will get a full report of my take on the situation, plus a plan with actionable next steps to keep you moving in the direction you want to go.


Contrary to popular belief, a coach isn’t just someone who tells you what to do.

A coach is someone who helps you see your talents + gifts and helps you cultivate them into something that changes your life.

When faced with fear, do you take that as a sign that you are on the right road, or do you run back the way you came…to safety?

(Hint: the first option was the right option.)



1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat

I’m sure you’ve heard the theory that we developed a mechanism for fear to keep us safe. And in many cases this is still a valuable tool…but when it comes to making life moves, or taking on new challenges, fear is not your friend.

I say screw fear.



Mistakes will be made, but in my life, every single “mistake” has led me down a road that I otherwise would not have taken, and it made my life 10,000% better.

I need help with my next move

1 session = $75


You get 30 minutes of my undivided attention, to explain whatever it is you need help figuring out.

Within 48 hours, you will get a full report on what we discussed, my thoughts on your topic and a plan for next steps.

Examples of what we can discuss (but honestly, it can be anything)

Your business

Incorporating more boldness into your life

Your website

Your offers & services

Ways you can branch out and create new ways of doing what you do.