Fun in the Fort: All In Adventures

I’m a firm believer that if you don’t get out and see the world, you are living a life half lived. Not just because you miss out on the wonders of the world, but you miss out on experiencing life outside of what you are accustomed to living.

That all being said – sometimes you just have to get out and check out some local flavor too.

I recently got an opportunity to take my teens and some of their friends over to All in Adventures in Fort Wayne to try out an Escape Room.

The kids have participated in such things before, but this was my first time. I wasn’t super sure what to expect – but we had a really great time!

We picked Escape from Alcatraz as our adventure of choice. The room was stark, a bed, a few tables, and a few handy items on the walls (posters, inmate info, etc).

The stager handed us a story card, a clue and set us loose.

I confess – it took us awhile to get going – and I’m 100% sure we did it in a very haphazard manner.

Full Disclosure: I’d say nearly everyone that was with us, except maybe 2, are very creative, theater type kids. Neither they, nor I, am capable of doing anything in a systematic way.

But, we persisted. We struggled at one point – unclear on a checker board and where the pieces were – so we called for a hint. The stager explained that the checker pieces we needed were in a lock box… Which we had the correct numbers, but the lock wouldn’t open. Turns out, we just didn’t understand how the lock worked. Once the code was entered, you had to push in and then pull. With the lock popped, we continued.

The stager popped in again, seeing us about 90% of the way there, and gave us 10 extra minutes. We hurried and ended up escaping just in time.

I was super proud of the kids and how well they worked together to decipher the clues and get the job done.

We are about half-way through summer here in the greater NW Ohio/NE Indiana area – and it’s been a HOT one. All In Adventures is a super fun, brain stimulating way to spend an hour…and it’s air conditioned.

Head on over and check it out!!

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