Day 8 – The World’s Most Epic RV Road Trip – Lake Tahoe

Collectively, this was our least favorite stop on the trip.

Lake Tahoe is lovely. But…

The mountains surrounding this gorgeous lake are incredible. The whole area looks like a postcard.

We arrived by noon local time, and desperately wanted to rent a boat – but 30mph winds for the afternoon meant there were no rentals available.

Just to get out on the water, we decided to do the MS Dixie II Paddleboat tour to Emerald Cove, and while that was fine, and the Cove itself was very pretty, it was a little underwhelming. AND it meant we missed out on touring Vikingsholm.


We took a stroll around the neighborhood – found a business that was closed for the night with a great little courtyard area (cornhole!) and played for a bit. Then we headed to the beach – or what beach there was – and waited for sunset.

The Campground By the Lake was a nice place to shack up for the night – but the showers and restrooms were full of transients – and they weren’t the cleanest bunch.