Bryce Canyon – Hiking the Hoodoos

So, the main reason I wanted to visit Bryce Canyon was the stars.

Word on the street is that the stars here are epic. Due to the lack of light pollution.

Sadly, though, the moon was nearly half full, so it was too bright. Plus it was cloudy half the night we were here, so no epic stars for me. I was sad.

Until we got up to head out on the Navajo Trail/Queen’s Garden Trail.

It wasn’t super easy to find the trailhead, because the maps all say it starts at Sunset Point – but you have to find the sign/path that sends you down the switchback to get you down into the hoodoos. We found it eventually, headed down past Thor’s Hammer and were off. There were plenty of people up for the sunrise, but we were the only ones that thought it was smart to hike that morning. (Read: we were the smart ones…we had the hoodoos to ourselves).

Once we got through these switchbacks in Wall Street, it was a lovely hike through hoodoos, natural bridges and Bristlecone Pines.

We got to the bottom of the amphitheater and made our way towards Queen’s Garden.

As it turns out – the route we took was approx 2.9 miles round trip – and we should have done it the opposite way that we did. Because that hike up to Sunrise Point from Queen’s Garden is brutal.


It was gorgeous though. It’s really indescribably beautiful.

The night before we made sure to drive through the park, because we had quite the drive ahead of us after our early morning hike. The viewpoints are breathtaking. Rainbow Point was the highlight…until we hit Bryce Point. That one is the pinnacle.

We stayed for sunset and prayed for stars. We were rewarded with an amazing sunset.